Blue Bird Micro Gardening DIY Complete Set


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Blue Bird MICRO gardening is a Do It Yourself product is specially designed for kids and it contains all the essential things required for growing a plant.This will be a fun activity where Kids will learn how to plant seeds and once the seeds germinates, sky will be the limit for their joy. With this kit, you are not only introducing your kid and their friends to Gardening, but you are also creating awareness and Love for Nature in them. Instead of getting your loved ones another gift, get them a hobby instead! This Blue Bird MICRO gardening Do It Yourself kit makes a fantastic gift choice for adults too. Grow them in indoors on a well-lit place or outdoors on a covered deck. Portable can shift any desired place. The Blue Bird MICRO gardening DYI kit enhances Fine Motor Skills, Spatial Development, Imaginative Skills, Creativity which is an alternative way to engage kids busy, learning life skills, using their imagination. The Blue Bird MICRO gardening DIY kit provides exposure to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly and much more. Art on earthen pots with micro plants looks quite outstanding. One would never expect such an amazing art transformation. The final results look quite spectacular. These are really exclusive products so that it can provide ambiance to your home , work space etc.

Additional information

How to prepare Micro Gardening?

Step 1:Decorate the earthen pot which came with this box using provided layout design and colour of your choice.

Step 2: Let the paint completely dry after that using M-Seal and the pebbles create interesting design as shown in the layouts. Use M-Seal to stick pebbles (Kindly use gloves which is provided in this box ).
Step 3: Take comparatively bigger pot, fill this pot using Coco Peat Block, take small piece of Coco peat is enough.

Step 4: Then select next size pot fill this also with Coco Peat then place it on the first pot where already filled with Coco Peat.

Step 5: Above the second pot place the third pot, place pebble design which you created as explained in Step 2, you can use M-Seal to secure the design with the pot.

Step 6: Sow the grass seeds which is provided with this box water it carefully after 4 to 6 days you will see sprout emerging from the soil. you can flaunt your design with your friends and relatives to envy them.

Congratulations !!!! Hurray !!!!!you have made it. You can place this where ever you want don’t forget to water the sprout.


The number of items in the product: 14 Earthen POTS 4 in numbers, colored pebbles small, white pebble medium, M Seal 1 pack 50 grams, Fevicryl Acrylic colors kit, a pair of hand gloves, coco peat, colorful kundans, glue, grass seeds in small packet, sand paper

Country of Origin/Manufacture

India, Blue Bird

Materials used

Clay, Colored pebbels, resin based adhesive, colors kit, a pair of hand surgical gloves, coco peat, colorful kundans, glue, grass seeds, sand paper.

Key Skills

Improves Creativity, builds Concentration, improves Caring Skill, understanding of efforts, understanding about time utilization, builds Design Quotionent, know about germination of seeds, improves knowing about nature, improves construction ability, spacial development, provides exposure to practical skills, provides material assembly.

Package Dimension

W x L x H : 26cm x 18 cmx 10 cm