Blue Bird Pot Painting DIY Complete Set For Age 8 Years & Above


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Blue Bird Handmade Do-It-Yourself Pot Painting, The entire set is an excellent way to decorate your house and office. Handcrafted with clay on a potter’s wheel and ready to be hand-painted by you.
It aids in the development of children’s concentration, creativity, and gross motor skills. It also aids in the learning of cause and effect, problem-solving, and patience. A good do-it-yourself package for kids that will get them moving. These pots are perfect as ornamental showpieces for your office, work desk, or wall shelves.
It’s ideal as a housewarming present or a company gift.

About this item- POT Painting

LAUNCH – Officially launched as a brand new game on 2nd October 2021

GAME OBJECTIVE: To engage kids and individuals actively. This mind-relaxing, creative activity is oriented to bring people out of loneliness, to foster social bonding with family and friends, and to reduce screen time.

POT PAINTING: Use your creative mind to decorate the given earthen pots.

EXCITEMENT BUILDING: As the painting/decoration progresses, the activity gets more captivating and the excitement grows.

GAME STYLE: Flaunt your creation with your friends and relatives. Display your creation and personalize your home/office space.

EASY TO DECORATE: The POT painting kit includes all the necessary items to decorate your pots- design motifs, floral stencils, and kundans.

GREAT FOR ANYONE: All ages (8+) can paint the pots. Kids, adults, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and friends – who have an inclination to be artistic and creative is all that is needed.

GOOD FOR GROUPS: Doing the activity with a friend can help develop bonding and increase enthusiasm and fun.

CONTENTS: Pots- 3 NOS, Fevicryl acrylic colour kit, one paint brush, small sponge, colourful sequins/kundans, sandpaper, one flora paper stencil, and one glue tube.

BEST FOR GIFTING: The pot painting DIY kit is best suited for gifting people who are inclined towards art and craft.


Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 26 × 10 cm
How to Play?

How to Paint the POT:

Step 1: clean the pot with water let it completely dry.

Step 2: Paint the outer surface of the pot completely you can paint partially inside also with single colour of your choice.

Step 3: After completely dried use the flora paper stencil to crate an interesting design or you can create your own design also or use layout which is provided.

Step 4: Congratulations!!! Hurray!!!! Now your painted pots are ready you can flaunt your design with your friends and relatives to envy them.


The number of items in the product: Pots – 03, Fevicryl acrylic color kit, one paintbrush, small sponge, colorful kundans, sandpaper, one flora paper stencil.