Blue Bird Ranatanthra Board/ Conflict Game for Age 5 Years & Above

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Bluebird offers a unique conflict recreation that allows gamers gather tactical, strategic and operational skills. It complements to assume and develops creativeness. The Ranatantra comes with 22 playing cards in total, eleven on each side, six of which are coloured blue and green on one side. while the other six are orange and red.On each side the three playing cards are power-bearing special cards (asthras).On each side, one card is the king.Akraman is the other.Rananiyam will be available.There will be vyuhas and prathivyuhas.On each side, there are two senas (pawns).Two dice are provided, with a different colour, shape, and number. The player is called senapathi. Assume we’re in the midst of a war between two kings, each with two military leaders on opposing sides ( sena). What is the cause of the conflict? It’s not for the sake of obtaining, of wealth, or of displaying their power or any other miserliness . So, what really is the situation? In this regard, Ranatantra stands out. Despite the fact that it is a war game, there will be no destruction. It’s a game of strategies and talents because both armed forces are equally trained. It claims that war isn’t just about power, wealth, or any other lust. It’s sometimes a battle of wisdom.

 About this item- Ranathantra

  • LAUNCH – Officially launched as a brand new game on 2nd February 2022
  • GAME OBJECTIVE: Be the first to land on the ‘Akraman’ position of the opponent.
  • SPECIAL (POWER/ASTRAS) CARDS: Use the right ‘Power cards,’ also called ‘Astras,’ to tactically slow down the opponent and to give yourself a winning edge.
  • EXCITEMENT BUILDING: As the game progresses, with every single round, the intensity of the war increases, the game gets more captivating, and the excitement grows.
  • GAME STYLE: The power cards and layout cards (vyuha) add a whole new dimension to a matching-style-game, making it less of luck (you do need a bit of that) and more of strategy/tactics (as the players can influence the game)
  • EASY TO LEARN: The game takes about 5-10 minutes to learn, and as you proceed to practice and master them, you get tactically better at them, thus increasing your chances of winning.
  • GREAT FOR ANYONE: All ages (8+) can play the game. Kids, adults, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and friends – anybody with a playful mindset can join in.
  • GOOD FOR GROUPS: A 2-player game and each round takes about 20-25 minutes.
  • CONTENTS: One blue and one green pawn (soldier), one red one orange pawn (soldier), two wooden dice- one with symbols and the other with number indication, six blue and green cards, six red and orange cards, three special cards (power cards or astras) for each player, one king and one akraman card for each player.
  • COMPACT FOR TRAVEL – The game can be played either outdoors or indoors. It is small enough to be popped into your handbag to play on a holiday or picnic.


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The box contains one Blue one Green wooden pawn (soldier) and one Red one Orange pawn (soldier), two wooden dice, one dice with symbol indication and other dice with number indication. Six Blue and Green cards, Six Red and Orange cards, three special card (Astras) for each player, One King and Akram card for each player.

Materials Used

Wood, Paper

Package Dimension

13 x 9 x 7 cm

Country of Origin/Manufacture

India, Blue Bird

Age Group

5 and above.