Blue Bird PUZZZ Unique 3D Puzzle Game For Age 5 Years & Above


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BLUE BIRD PUZZZ is a one-of-a-kind puzzle game with assembly instructions that increases your child’s concentration, spatial management, memory power, construction ability, and design quotient. PUZZ is usually a stress-relieving experience. It’s a game for both men and women. Puzz can be played by anyone ranging in age from five to ninety-nine years old. This game can be played by one to three people, and it’s a fun recreational and mind-calming activity for grownups. It’s a nice way to surprise your loved ones with a gift.

Additional information

Dimensions 19 × 30 × 4 cm
How to Play

Place the board on any flat surface, place the pins in the holes to get your desired design, to this pin add the ovals and sphere. You can create any shape like animals, structures or any pattern. Please refer design examples which is provided in this leaflet.


The Board with 24 indents, 24 numbers of Oval shaped coins, 12 numbers of Sphere shaped coins, 12 numbers of pins ( sticks)

Country of Origin/Manufacture

India, Blue Bird

Materials used


Key Skills

Improves Creativity, builds Concentration, improves Caring Skill, understanding of efforts, understanding about time utilization, builds Design Quotionent, improves construction ability

Package Dimension

W x L x H : 30 cms x 19cms X 4cms