Blue Bird Bermuda Triangle/ Sheep & The Wolf 2 in 1 Game Board Game


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BLUE BIRD Bermuda Triangle/Sheep and the Wolf is a two-game combo bundle for kids. The Bermuda Triangle is one, while Sheep & the Wolf is the other. These games serve to exercise your brain, increase consideration, problem-solving skills, and bring people together. The main goal of Blue Bird Games is to engage children through tactile games and to limit a child’s screen usage. Blue bird games have no age restrictions. These games are light and portable. So you may take it with you when you travel and change your child’s dull time into a fun one.

 About this item- Bermuda Triangle/ Sheep & the Wolf

  • LAUNCH – Officially launched as a brand new game on 1st November 2021

Bermuda Triangle: Turn over all your player pawns to reduce 2 before, much quicker than your opponent. The player with the most pawns is deemed the winner. Can you be the meanest of them all?

Sheep & the Wolf: Devour the pawns of your player bits (sheep) before the opponent tackles you. Can you tackle before your player?

  • WOODEN BITS: Lacquered wooden bits are provided and can be used for both games
  • EXCITEMENT BUILDING: As the game progresses, with every single round, it gets more captivating and the excitement grows.
  • GAME STYLE: Both the games, the Bermuda Triangle and the Sheep & the Wolf, add a whole new dimension to a matching-style-game, making it less of luck (you do need a bit of that) and more of strategy/tactics (as the players can influence the game)
  • EASY TO LEARN: Both the games take just a few minutes to learn and as you proceed to practice and master them, you get tactically better at them, thus increasing your chances of winning.
  • GREAT FOR ANYONE: All ages (8+) can play the game. Kids, adults, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and friends – anybody with a playful mindset can join in.
  • GOOD FOR GROUPS: Both are 2-player games and each round takes about 20-25 minutes.
  • CONTENTS: A total of 25 Wooden Bits, 1 Map printed on cloth and 1 Instruction Manual
  • COMPACT FOR TRAVEL – The game can be played either outdoors or indoors. It is small enough to be popped into your handbag to play on a holiday or picnic.



Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 12 × 4 cm
How to Play?

"Bermuda Triangle: A two player game, choose your seven coloured bits, the first
player can begin the game by laying the first bit at any point
in the given map. The second player can start the game by
placing the bit in the given map. The most crucial rule in this
game is that no player should line up all three bits in the
same direction. If one of the players succeeds, the other loses
any one bit. If any player reaches to two bits, considered as
that player lost the game. The player with the most bits is
deemed the winner.
Note:1. No repetition in the line up movement
2. The bit should move successive order only with
single turn single movement but can move in any direction"


1.Wooden Bits 2.Map printed on cloth 3.Instruction Manual

Country of Origin/Manufacture

India, Blue Bird

Materials used

Wood, Cloth, Paper

Key Skills

Creativity, Social & Emotional, Thinking & problem solving, Improves Creativity, builds Concentration, improves Caring Skill, understanding of efforts, understanding about time utilization, builds Design Quotionent, provides exposure to practical skills, provides material assembly.

Package Dimension

W x L x H : 12 cms x 9 cms x 4 cms