BLUEBIRD is a promising brand for toys, games and home décor products.

Our commitment is to give a quality products in toys, games and home décor products, which are designed and manufactured in India. We pivot strongly on how our toys and products appear, how they function, what is the material use, and how packaging done.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple, to reduce the screen time of a child. Due to the
current situation the child spends most of its time on screen, this is leading to problem which are not only limited to the child physical health but also it is
effecting their mental health, away from social gatherings, early age stress.
We are creating our products to engage the child by do it yourself, plug and
play, and puzzle games to play with the family, parents and with friends.

We consider play as a future of a child. Play is a language of a child. We design our products to emphasize their creativity, innovation and imagination.
Our commitment is to ensure the parents and families the budget spends on
our products meet the expectations at the right cost.


‘Learning by doing’

Insistence on handwork was an important part of the BLUEBIRD philosophy that reflected in all of our toys. Toys are designed on learning by doing platforms. We focus on child mental development, to build social gathering awareness, design quotient, creative enquiry. When parents and families choose to buy our products, they can be assured that the safety and well-being of their children is a top priority.